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Jeffery and Melissa Derricks Date Joined: 2/12/2017 Profit to Date: $96,826.78
Jamal Woods Lugo Date Joined 8/14/2017 Profit to Date: $88,325.36
Sebastian Kaufmann Date Joined 2/10/2017 Profit to Date: $109,690.21
Robert Singer Date Joined: 12/03/2017 Profit to Date: $79,769.65
John Mathiasen Date Joined: 3/17/2017 Profit to Date: $49,693.93
Paul Blomqvist Date Joined: 7/18/2017 Profit to Date: $79,098.10

QDo I need any special knowledge in order to be a member? ANo, BitCoin Focus Group was created with Novice users in mind. If you can browse the web or use facebook, then you can easily make money in our Focus Group. The software can either tell you the trades to make or simply trade for you. It’s that easy! QHow Do I Know This Program Does What You Claim? ABitCoin focus group is the only BitCoin program used by real investment bankers and traders on Wallstreet. Only till recently has it been released to the public through this focus group. The past 3 years it was used within wallstreet and it has never gone below the marked 79% Win Rate. It has been tried and tested for every day by some of the world's top tier professionals. So rest assured it can and will deliver on it’s promise. QDo I need to report any earnings made with BitCoin Focus Group to the Tax Authorities? AJohson and Rutger Focus Groups Inc will never condone hiding earnings from Tax Authorities. Any earnings made with our program should be reported to any Tax Authority in your Country of residence. QHow do I join this year’s Focus group? AOnce your enter email you will be redirected to a page to confirm your seat in this year's focus group If there are no more spots available you will be put on a waiting list. QHow long does it take to recieve my funds from the Broker? A Depending on your country and bank, the funds usually arrive anywhere from 5-10 Business Days.
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